Sesame crusted sweet potato ‘meatballs’ with green coconut lentils

Sometimes it’s hard to name a dish and sum it up in a few words. I just love every element so much I don’t want to leave anything out. I haven’t even mentioned the toasted sesame oil + soy sauce + ginger + garlic combination that flavours these meatballs or the perfect simple slaw accompaniment.

I love sweet potato. I would never say no to some triple cooked chips or perfectly crispy roast potatoes but give me a sweet potato over a regular potato anyday. I’d made sweet potato burgers recently and me and the boyfriend both loved them (he was initially very sceptical about a veggie burger) so the idea of sweet potato meatballs soon followed.

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Rocky road waffles


I think I may have won girlfriend of the year award when I got my boyfriend a waffle maker for his birthday. Since then we have enjoyed regular stacks of waffles as we try and make the most of it. Despite having been to Belgium several times, I had actually never eaten a waffle until we made our own.

I won’t be making that mistake again though. I was also inspired by our recent stay in New York where you could make your own waffles for breakfast – amazing! And also a little hilarious seeing everyone’s waffle maker fails. Next on my waffle wish list is some savoury waffles, I’m thinking fried eggs or maybe even some avocado (everything is better with avocado).Read More »

Harissa carrot & lentils

This recipe may not sound (or look) like much. But sometimes the simplest things are the best. Summer can be a pretty hectic time with so many plans, holidays and things to tick off your ‘summer bucket list’. I can’t complain when my hecticness involves jetting off to the south of France for a weekend of sun-soaked wandering through narrow streets, evening swims in the bluest sea I’ve ever seen and sipping white wine outside on a little cobbled street laughing with friends.

Still, upon coming back to reality I’m looking for simple dishes to get me through the week. Whilst a stew may not immediately come to mind as a typical summer dish, the flavorings of this are simple and subtle (in a good way) and served on it’s own it’s not too hearty. Add some bread if you are looking for a more filling dinner. Plus, it’s England so summer doesn’t necessarily mean sunshine.Read More »

Sunshine smoothie – berry, orange and passionfruit

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Does anything say summer more than smoothies? They go so well with lazy picnic-filled afternoons or barbecues in sunlit gardens (oh, if only we had a garden!). Today I’m going to share with you my favourite smoothie recipe. I can never decide what’s the best part of this fruit smoothie. Maybe the colour – vibrant oranges and deep berry purples. Or the flavour – fresh, sweet, sharp and juicy. Or just the refreshing taste of a frozen berry smoothie on a hot day. Ok, I love everything about this smoothie.Read More »

Smoked salmon scrambled eggs with pea & dill pesto

SAM_1908Hello again. It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. For the first week or so I was away on holiday (amazing!) and when I came back I was struggling to feel the inspiration that made me start the blog. I just wanted to relax in the kitchen, cook other people’s wonderful recipes and enjoy them without having to get the camera out. It was easier not to have to worry about lighting or setting up the perfect picture or recording measurements for every ingredient or deliberating over whether a tweak would improve the dish.Read More »

Courgette baba ganoush toast

Nope, don’t close your browser just yet. Despite appearances, this is not another avocado on toast recipe. Yes, that is toast and yes, that is a poached egg but the green stuff is actually smoky sesame courgette baba ganoush.

Not that there is anything wrong with avocado toast. I like avocado toast as much as the next person – with bacon, feta, sweetcorn – I’m getting hungry just thinking about it, is it breakfast time yet? I’m just not sure there is any more space for avocado toast recipes without breaking the internet.Read More »